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Fighting the pandemic with some gifts and a smile!

Fighting the pandemic with some gifts and a smile!

The Coronavirus started as a no-big-deal scenario where people overlooked it for being just another virus. Little did we know that in less than two years, we would all start losing our loved ones to the sudden grasp of this virus! Times were tough when the virus was first detected but now it has become scarier – one new variant after the other – one new complication at a time.

Look around yourself and you will find not one family that has been safe from the effects of this brutal virus. People have lost their loved ones everywhere. People are bound to live inside the four walls of their houses – big or small, forced to live with their family – loving or abusive, in homes that may or may not be well-equipped to keep everyone under one roof. Yet, people are surviving the pandemic one day at a time.

It has been a hard time for people and you, here, can be a reason they smile. You might not know how much a small gesture of appreciation and acknowledgement can boost your employee’s morale. We have created a perfect list of gifts for you to choose from – here you may find a perfect gift for every occasion you wish to celebrate with your employees!

Technology all the way!

Gadgets and supporting accessories are always a great gifting idea – they can be given out on any occasion. From wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers to pendrives, table lamps, fitness bands and much more – the list is never-ending. They make a supreme gift that is an essential item your employees can use on an everyday basis. With your employees working from home, these electronic items can actually be of immense use to them.


Sustainable is the new mantra!

Sustainable gifts have started picking up a good pace. People are becoming more concerned with the climate change caused by human negligence towards nature. In this case, you can actually surprise your nature-friendly employees with some eco-friendly gifts. From recycled books, jute bags, silicon reusable storage bags, to biodegradable office essentials, reusable cutlery and plantable stationary – we have unique gifting ideas!


Reminding them of a place called office!

Over the last one and a half year, people have started missing their workspace more than ever. What once excited them is now become a new normal – work from home. This is a great opportunity to remind your employees about their offices. From branded merchandise like cups, caps, t-shirts, stationary, and drinkware to desk items like penholder, table plants, and quoted frames, there can never be enough items to create a little nostalgia!


Festivals call for happiness!

India is country where celebrations never come to an end – especially the celebrations of festivals. With the diverse cultural background we have, there is always a festival to celebrate. Let’s make the most of it and take this chance to express gratitude towards your employees. Spread a little joy during the festive season by gifting them scented candles, stone artifacts, agate stone artifacts, gift hampers, customized gift items and much more.

House of Ideas empathizes with everyone enduring pain, struggling to get through with the day, and still making it out with a big smile. We are proud of the people who are displaying exemplary strengths for their loved ones and fighting this pandemic so bravely. We must do whatever is in our capacity to add a little joy in the lives of people who are associated with us. This is your chance – reach us out to find a perfect gift for your perfect employees!

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