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6 Strategies You Can Turn Into Success

6 Strategies You Can Turn CORPORATE GIFTING Into Success

1. It’s all about giving without asking for anything in return-

Well, prospecting is an art. Just because you have given a thoughtful gift to your prospect, doesn’t mean you can book a meeting every time. They might not need your services at that very moment. Develop the mindset and give without expecting anything in return.

2. Tiered Gifting Approach –

Each gift recipient is unique and so should be your gift giving strategy. Develop a strategy based on their persona and seniority. Analyse based on high value accoun ts, lower value accounts, ideal customer persona. Higher value or corporate accounts require one to one approach and lower value accounts can be taken care by one-to-many approach.

3. Closing rate doubles when there is a gift involved –

Keeping your business top of the mind of your customer is challenging. Weaving

your gifting strategy with sales cycle is a great way to achieve the same. Instead of cold calling or cold emailing, try sending relevant gifts to your customers. It is also a good idea to generate continuous leads, marketing your brand and creating


4. Tell a story-

Your gift should tell a story that connects the recipient with your company. Develop a strategy for gift giving and see what gift giving actually represents. Irrelevant gifts just end up in the trash and are a waste of money and time. Ask yourself,

1. What is the goal of the company?
2. What story / experience you want to tell?
3. What kind of product or gift will help to communicate the same?
These answers will guide you to choose right corporate gift and will help you to communicate who you are as a company.

5. Thoughtful Personalized Note-

If gift is a cake, then personalized note is an icing. Adding a thoughtful note creates bonding and what could be the better way than adding a handwritten note.

And if this is not possible due to scale then ask us HOW do we deliver this

6. Unwrapping Experience-

Don’t forget about the unboxing experience of the gift, it can make or break the

impression. The presentation of the gift should also help you communicate the purpose of the gift.

Well, there are more ways to make it exciting than a pretty packaging and ribbons. Ask us HOW??

Creating right Corporate Gifting strategy can provide fantastic returns on your investment.

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